Campus Bar Invents "Happy Hour" Concept to Attract College Students

WASHINGTON / GW – Local bar and tavern, Froggy Bottom Pub, recently announced to Crapital Hospitality that in order to increase revenue, management will be lowering prices on beer and other alcoholic drinks during specific times of the day, called a "Happy Hour". The pub, located near The George Washington University, is known mainly for its fun food, friendly atmosphere, and frogged-faced staff. The proposed “Happy Hour” will be approximately a three hour time period in the late afternoon/early evening when the establishment will attempt to lure college students drink and dine before normal dinner hours.

“The recent trend of college students binge drinking to the point of blackout, (especially at outrageously early hours) is a niche market that we need to capitalize on”, general manger Señor Frogge stated. The owner of the 26 year old establishment, pictured here, also commented that buying drinks at a cheaper price will lead to inebriated students making ‘stupid-ass orders’ and buying menu items that they don’t even want. Some of the drink specials will include $2 ‘Clear Beers’, $3 ‘Groggy Froggy Tea’ and $4 ‘Crotch Shots’, a shot so powerful that customers will literally feel like they’ve been kicked in the gonads.

While these low prices seem like a win-win for all involved, one Froggy Bottom employee, Ataree Frogger, was not so optimistic about the new strategy. 
“62% of all GW students have access to their father’s no-limit American Express card – why should we cut prices for these Georgetown rejects when they can clearly afford to pay regular price?”

Despite this dissenting opinion, the announcement is creating quite a buzz in the hospitality community and other establishments are considering following suit. One competing restaurant owner, who requested to remain anonymous, even was bold enough to say that he might experiment with giving out free samples of his restaurant’s micro-brew to collegians to maintain market share.

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