Drunken Buffoon Confused from DC Bar Name

WASHINGTON DC / ADAMS MORGAN – Community college dropout and current cafeteria attendant, Kenny Stroker, was seen with a bewildered look on his face after learning from Crapital Hospitality that “Madams Organ” is not the name of the popular nightlife district in Washington DC.  “I still don’t know if I am hearing this right – Adams Morgan is the name of the DC sub-region and Madams Organ is a bar name in that area?  Is this one of those tongue twister tricks?” quoted Stroker, known to his buddies as “Shitfaced Stroker”. Stroker had been going to Adams Morgan for more than two years on a regular basis telling friends, cabbies, and drooling convicts riding the Metro that “Ima gonnna go to Madamms Organ, get my drink on… WOOO!!” He had no idea that there was a distinction between the two names.

Madams Organ is a popular blues restaurant and bar located in the Adams Morgan district of DC. They are known for their nightly live music, good drinks, and for its mural with large sweater-puppets. The establishment has been well-liked and is a fixture in Adams Morgan, the diverse neighborhood centered at Columbia road and 18th street that features many bars, restaurants, and lounges. Madams Organ owner Billy D. Williamson approached the mix-up with mixed reactions. “We have used the play on words with our name to boost our brand awareness, but we have never intended to trick, confuse, baffle, or misdirect anybody. I thought that everyone would understand that it was a play on words. Then again, I have not met anyone as drunk and stupid as Kenny Stroker."

After an hour and half of beers provided by Crapital Hospitality, Mr. Stroker seemed to finally comprehend the 'news'. We guided him around Adams Morgan and showed him the distinction between the bar and the entire region, just to make sure. We even introduced him to jumbo slice pizza. “I have been so used to digging through trash barrels when I got the drunchies. This was a welcome treat.”

Stroker then asked if we could go to Adams Mill for more drinks. We told him that we were out of time and needed to report on other stories. Truth be told, we didn’t want a reaction like this one (hilariously inappropriate video) about Adams Mill's closing after we had just calmed him down.

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