Mexican restaurant adds 'Indigestion Free' menu

WASHINGTON DC / DOWNTOWN – Due to the recent complaints of customers feeling a ‘food coma’ coupled with indigestion, one DC franchise of Chipotle Mexican Grill is adding an ‘Indigestion Free’ menu to satisfy customer needs, reports Crapital Hospitality. “Our customers absolutely love our food and we do not have many complaints about quality and store facilities,” said Jose Quervoe, manager of the restaurant on the corner of 19th and L.  “However, some people say that Chipotle, as well as other Mexican eateries, simply hurts their bowels… It’s news to me” he later quoted. The restaurant is known for its burritos, chips and guacamole, salads, and tacos, but has given guests digestion problems for years.

With this in mind, the DC restaurant is slowly adding items to its ‘Indigestion Free’ menu.  Water is the main item (and its currently free) as well as a fusion Pepto/sour cream concoction, which looks similar to this.  The research and development team is currently working on other items to integrate to the menu.

Repeat customer Johan Keissler had this to say about the hospitable news, “I’m thrilled that they are doing more to help the severe mudd-butt problem that comes from eating Chipotle. They use the slogan ‘food with integrity’ on their website, and I hope with the new menu my intestines can keep their integrity.”  This still doesn’t cover all of the side effects from eating Chipotle, but other solutions have already been found, like Chipotlaway (start watching video at 0:41).

This new venture seems like a winning idea, but the Mexican food industry is unpredictable, just like their customers’ bowels. Crapital Hospitality asked Keissler if he would stop eating Chipotle if the new menu didn’t help him. His reply, “Dude, have you had Chipotle? It’s really good.”

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