Georgetown Hotel Continues to Mock and Ignore Guests

WASHINGTON DC / GEORGETOWN – After many meetings and much deliberation, a local Georgetown hotel has decided to stick with its current practices of ignoring, mocking, and laughing at guests and their requests. Kanu Leevus, the front desk and housekeeping supervisor of Hotel Monticello in Georgetown, has been part of ‘the customer is wrong’ culture at the hotel for over 6 years. “Look, it’s not that we’re trying to be super mean – we just like to enjoy ourselves and have a sense of humor.  Sometimes that means that we’ll poke fun of the guests, copycat their responses, and tell them one thing while doing the opposite. If guests cannot appreciate that, oh well” quoted Ms. Leevus.

Crapital Hospitality then asked Ms. Leevus how the employees became a part of this culture. “Our employees learned the skills of disrespecting and insulting customers through various techniques, but our most effective way has to be our training video. It really embodies what we are all about – treating ourselves better than our guests.” She then demanded that we include it in our report, so our readers could truly understand their philosophy. 

Guests have proven to be the biggest nuisance for the hotel staff, who work in a great location in the Georgetown area of DC. Willie Pissof, current concierge at the property, feels that it is a simple misunderstanding of expectations between guests and staff. “We’re here to have fun, joke around, and do what we want – not what the guest wants. They’re here to get good accommodations and service – those two things don’t always match up.”

He also said that management was currently looking for a new slogan for the hotel. They have used this absurd list of 16 awesomely sarcastic (and sometimes true) phrases to make their decision easier.  

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