DC Nightclub Finally Allows Guests to Breathe

WASHINGTON DC / CAPITOL HILL – In recent night club and hospitality news, Fur Nightclub has announced that they will be putting policies in place to allow basic bodily functions such as breathing, moving, and possibly speaking at a normal level.  Fur, which is located in the Capital Hill part of DC, is known as one of the best clubs in DC and features 7 bars, 4 separate dance rooms, bottle service, and hookah.

“We’ve been an extremely popular club and hospitality establishment, but its gotten to the point where the club is just way to crowded” quoted club owner Techno Tommy.  “We’ve been hearing this problem from other clubs as well. People simply can’t do anything inside – it’s too loud, you can’t talk to anybody, you can’t move, and breathing is a luxury.” Fur will start to implement a program that will allow people to actually function as they would in normal life while inside a nightclub. Fur is a profitable venue, but can this new policy make them the best?

Crapital Hospitality also wanted to know if Fur’s new guest-friendly program would include things like lowering outrageous drink prices, installing working bathrooms, and removing creepers from the club. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here,” said Techno Tommy. “We want people to still have a true club experience, and sometimes that includes being slightly groped by a stranger.”

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