GW Hotel Hires Infants and Homeless to Management Team

WASHINGTON DC / GW – The State Plaza Hotel, located on Eye Street near GW, has recently hired a homeless man and an infant as managers, in an effort to cut costs and improve productivity, reports Crapital Hospitality.  State Plaza Hotel had been having operational trouble, specifically in revenue management and concierge duties. Hence the hires of new front desk manager Ineeda Dolla, an area homeless man, and new revenue manager Pearl, a two year old little girl. This may seem like strangely funny news for the hospitality industry, but it’s the State Plaza Hotel who is laughing; their revenues are up and costs are down by 25%.

Mr. Dolla has recently removed phone wakeup calls and morning deliveries, replacing them with personal room visits. “If a guest needs a wake-up call, I use my manager’s key and go into their room and yell, ‘Hey, wake yo ass up!’ “ quoted Mr. Dolla. “Once they are awake, I’ll just scream at them the headlines for the day – boom you got your news. No need for a paper.”

Pearl, also known as The Landlord Enforcer, has also employed a door-to-door technique but has used it to try to collect payment from guests. Revenues have increase, however, some guests have been frightened by her domineering nature. One long-stay guest, William Ferrell, showed us this clip of her collection tactics. "She called me an asshole - I was so hurt"

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